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      NIM Successfully Ordered from Company

      NIM Successfully Ordered from Company

      信息分類: 發布時間:2015-09-18  瀏覽量:

      National  Institute of Metrologyis the  measurement of the highest national scientific research centre and  state-level legal metrology. In early 2007 ,National Institute of Metrology  began preparations for the establishment of photovoltaic testing  laboratories. After the comprehensive inspection, they final chosen our  company's 5 series as the laboratory for major equipment.
              The delivery of DLSK-SOL5 simulator equipment is our company's latest success  R & D which is the only instrument able to achieve AAA level standard  testing equipment. In the acceptance of delivery, the actual targets of our  company's equipment were higher than the nominal technical equipment  performance, all full achieve the similar equipment of international  standards, and measurement institute 's staffs are very satisfied .
               With the cooperation of NIM ,marked the Delicacy Laser equipment has been  tested by a new step.


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