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      Beijing    Delicacy Laser Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is China’s most professional solar    simulator manufacturer. Since the establishment in 2000, we have been    focused on the research, development and manufacture of solar photovoltaic    testing equipment. Over the past decade, Delicacy has cultivated and    maintained stable target customers and has won high reputation among    hundreds of domestic and foreign users owing to our products’ high quality,    excellent performance, competitive price, and complete after-sale service.    In recent years, China National Institute of Metrology, Chengdu National    Photovoltaic Equipment Testing Center, China Academy of Building Research,    Shenzhen Electronic Product Quality Testing Center and other dozens of    national, provincial and municipal quality inspection departments and    measuring departments have gradually equipped themselves with the AAA-level    solar simulators of our company, which fully proves that our technology and    equipment quality have come up to an international advanced level of the    similar products in the world.

      In    2011, we will adjust our product structure and launch the new generation of    solar simulator which closely follows the international trend and will    realize 4 signals to be measured、optical feedback and closed loop    control, through which our products can work with more accuracy, stability    and less failure rate.

      版權所有:北京德雷射科光電科技有限公司 京ICP備11029707號

      電話:010-87394655、87394656、(市場部:204、206,售后部:202) 傳真:010-87394658  電子郵件:hjlin1006@126.com、 w18210483852@163.com、 zhaokuiman@126.com